Technical evolution, great design

Our Galbiati Lab, 100% Italian

Department of “research and development”, created PRIMA, Class B steam sterilizer with an uninitiated design sense of aesthetic cleanliness combined with technology state-of- the-art and easy to use.
Solid, easy to use with an uncommon elegance, it’s the new born of the Galbiati family, the first Italian production company of dental units.

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“I have never seen an autoclave like Prima which restarts by choosing a pipeline cleaning program”

What struck us most was the PRIMA Autoclave reliability. What impressed us the most was the Research and Development of company Galbiati Milano: great attention for an innovative design of the product and outstanding technical evolution.

In brief, Prima Autoclave is a perfect union of parts: best technical performance, guaranteed reliability, and stable innovation.

Dr. Federico Ronchi

Biological Dentistry

  • Rated voltage: a.c.220V-230V, 50Hz
  • Rated power: 18L 1500VA, 23L 1700VA
  • Material: stainless steel (for medical)
  • Max. work pressure: 2.5 bar Min. work pressure: -0.9 bar
  • Max. temperature: 145 °C
  • Chamber volume: 18L (Φ245×320mm) 23L (Φ245×450mm)
  • Loading size: 18L (198×204×285) 23 L(198×204×385)
  • Max. loading weight: 18L (3.07kg/cm2) 23L (3.21kg/cm2)
  • Working pressure/temperature: 1.10~1.30bar / 121°C~122°C; 2.10~2.30bar / 134°C~135°C
  • Water volume for one cycle: 0.16L (min) 0.18L(max)



  • Fast cycles (26min for HOLLOW 134°C)
  • Limited water consumption
  • Automatic water download
  • 100% steanless steel
  • Electronic water quality control
  • Easy to position system
  • GKE helix comformity test
  • Integrated printer and usb data saving systems
  • 24 months warranty


  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Cycle diagram display for live work control
  • Quick and easy water supply and drainage connection
  • 4 storey trey door, usable also for surgical trey
  • Custom USB flash drive for PC cycling
  • CD installation program saving PC cycles